Trapped in Hyperspace is a season 1 episode of Spatial Absolution. The episode is about the Absolution being attacked by a virus while traveling in hyperspace, so TOM, SARA, and Clyde have to purge the systems.


The episode begins one day when SARA guides the Absolution into hyperspace. TOM asks how long until they return to Earth. Just as SARA answers, the ship faces technical difficulties. TOM asks what's wrong, and SARA answers that they have a virus. TOM falls out of his chair and SARA falls to the floor as the Absolution begins to spin out of control. As TOM and SARA struggle to get back up, a mysterious enemy named Swayzak appears on the screen. TOM asks who he is, but Swayzak demands TOM to find out himself. TOM asks where's the ship going, and Swayzak tells him to come stop it if he can, snickering that the Absolution would crash into Earth before TOM can stop it. TOM asks why is Swayzak doing that, but does not get a response, only having Swayzak tell him he does it for fun. SARA calls Clyde to watch TOM as she tries to break the virus. Then she hacks into the system. SARA gets the Absolution stabilized, but the vehicle continues to spin out of control. The screen shows TOM that the virus is on six levels of the ship. Just as he tries to think of another plan, Swayzak appears on the screen. TOM, again, asks him who he is, but Swayzak doesn't answer that. He tells TOM that just because SARA got the ship's stabilizers back online doesn't mean she beat him. He says that it was only one of 1000 other systems he infected. TOM tells Swayzak that it's the only system to beat him. Swayzak taunts TOM by wishing him luck. SARA then tries to get the NAFT system back online. While SARA hacks in, TOM starts writing an apology letter to the people of Earth for his ship "crashing into your planet... hard." He is interrupted by Swayzak, now in a full bodied matrix, who tries to strangle him with his thighs. SARA returns to the scene, claiming the DOKs are affected, too. She hands the hacking role over to TOM while she goes to handle the DOKs, and TOM purges the hyperdrive, although Swayzak firmly believes that TOM will never get it under control. Angered that TOM has the hyperdrive fixed, Swayzak probes TOM's mind, rendering TOM into a mindless droid who thinks Swayzak is helping the ship. Clyde restores TOM's mind. SARA and TOM finally head to the reactor to cleanse the core system, and SARA jacks in while TOM and Swayzak argue again. TOM is taunted so much that he breaks down and starts crying. SARA stops hacking for a moment to encourage TOM that he's in every way a hero. TOM uses this encouragement to throw Swayzak off, which leads Swayzak to infect TOM as a result of his anger. SARA hears about this and sees that TOM has become evil, trying to disconnect the systems again. She and Clyde enter TOM's mind to break the virus's hold on him, culiminating in a fight against Swayzak. They win, and with TOM freed of the viral hold on him, they can go out of hyperspace. The episode ends with TOM thanking SARA.

Voice castEdit

  • Steven Blum as TOM
  • Ayumi Kida/Sally Timms as SARA
  • Youko Miyamoto as Clyde
  • Norio Wakamoto/Daisy O'Hara as Swayzak


  • The song featured in this episode is "Kanojo ga Shoujo Ichiban Nanoka?" by ForestPiero. It's credited as "495 GO! Little Sister Emotion".
  • This is one of Youko Miyamoto's favorite episodes.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of recurring antagonist Swayzak.