A Total Immerssion Event, or shortened as a T.I.E.S., was adventures on the Absolution where something wrong happens. The first one took place in 2000, known as The Intruder, where a intruder invades the Absolution, and shows how TOM 2 was born. The second one took place in 2001, known as Lockdown, where the Absolution gets trapped in a tractorbeam, and TOM tries his best to get the ship out of it before they are completly sucked in 178 years, 17 days, 10 hours, and 12 minutes. The third and final one took place in 2002, known as Trapped in Hyperspace, where SARA is attacked by a virus, so TOM and a Clyde have to get rid of this virus before it makes the ship crash into Earth. A week-long event in September 2003 wasn't a TOM or SARA adventure, it was a micro series of Toonami's first original series that premiered 2 years later on Toonami Saturday Nights, so the previous three count as a T.I.E.