The Intruder was a big red blob monster that came aboard the ship in The Intruder. It had a brief meeting with TOM, and proved to be invincible to his attacks, forcing him to retreat back to the Absolution. Unfortunately, The Intruder was able to disconnect the Wi-Fi and damage several systems aboard the ship, forcing TOM to hunt it down.

After SARA escaped in her shield-mobile, Intruder had complete control of the Absolution and would pester TOM repeatedly, put a tracking device in his left arm (which is also damaged), and finally rapes him. SARA picks TOM up on her shield-mobile. They find the Intruder in an abandoned ship and activate a reactor before boarding an escape pod, the kamikaze move destroying not only the ship, but the Intruder as well, thus being the end of the Intruder completely.

He is voiced by Sonny Strait in English.