The Intruder was Toonami's first Total Immerssion Event and it is remembered for the death of TOM 1, and the birth of TOM 2.


A intruder has invaded the Absolution, and it needs a hero, and TOM has to save the day. But, when The Intruder destroys TOM, enter TOM 2, and he has the same mission.

Enemy WithinEdit

It's a slow day at Toonami's HQ, the Absolution, and TOM was having a little conversation with his AI matrix friend, SARA. Then, SARA says there is an intruder alert, so TOM sends out the Clydes. The Clydes head over to a breach hole. TOM then announces he's going out there to check it out.

TOM heads over to the dock bay, and heads over to where the jetpacks are, and after it gets on him, he says that there has to be an easier way to get them on. He goes out flying where the Clydes and the breached hole is. TOM checks inside and asks SARA where the Intruder is, but SARA has no idea. TOM then seals the hole, and we get a little look at the Intruder.