TOM 5 is the current host of Toonami and the Captain of the GPS Absolution Mk. III. His presence was announced during MomoCon 2013, and he assumed the position of host of Toonami on April 27, 2013. TOM 5's debut brought with it the return of the artificial intelligence matrix SARA, an advanced AI system housed aboard the Absolution that has been a friend of every TOM model with the exception of TOM 4.

TOM 5's design is considerably trimmed down compared to his previous incarnations, appearing more simple and less detailed. He has lost the human muscle definition from his 3/3.5 body and returns to a thin-limbed design similar to his 2nd body, but retains his overall human-proportions. His Nuclear-Reactor has been returned to his left pectoral, and similar to TOM 4, TOM 5 has thrusters constructed into his body, located on his upper back. Following the events of The Intruder II, TOM 5 was forced to amputate his left arm after it had been rendered useless in an attack by The Intruder. After landing on Shogo 162, the restored SARA used the abandoned facility to produce a new arm for him. The arm is noticeably more archaic and bulky compared to his original design, although it functions in the same manner.

Along with the debut of TOM 5 and SARA, the entire Toonami theme underwent a revamp, including new music, new bumps, new backgrounds, and a change in the block's lineup. The overall theme uses darker colors and graphics to symbolize Toonami's adult demographic, no longer featuring any recycled bumpers. The bumps that cut to commercial are now, much like TOM 3.5, led by either TOM or SARA. Additionally, while the Now/Next/Later Bumps are still practiced, they feature a cycle of four different beats, rather than the same one, in hopes that people would not become as tired of hearing it as "Showstopper," the previous theme for the bump. Shows featured are lined up vertically, with bigger, fully square "screens" featuring an image from the upcoming programming.