TOM 4 was the fourth Toonami Operation Module, and the only host that has a face.


On March 17, 2007, Toonami was introduced to a new look, and TOM was introduced as "the first Toonami host to have a face", and the creator and producer of Toonami, Sean Akins, explained that they really couldn't animate TOM's face, so they decided to take the helmet off, though there is no explaination why TOM isn't in the Absolution, why there is no SARA, and how he met two new co-hosts, Flash and T. An intro premiered the week after Toonami's 10th anniversary, and it went like this:

The camera pans right in space to show a blue and purple planet, then quickly zooms in to the planet, into the new base, the Flowus 3, and the door opens up with TOM close to the camera, who says, "You guys ready to make the magic happen?" He then starts walking toward five screens, and says, "Alright, boys. Let's do this," while cracking his 'neck' [or at least making a similar motion] and then chants "Pagawa sonfa, pagawa sonfa [from Outlaw Star]. Show time." He approaches the section where Flash is working and asks, "Hey, Flash. Gimme a go/no go for launch?" Flash gives him a thumbs up and replies, "In the pipe, 5 by 5." TOM responds, "Word. Gotta go talk to the big guy."

Clyde 53 comes in to the room and tom pauses, saying, "Hey little man, what's up?", and the Clyde responds with some sort of beep/gurgle machine language, which TOM aparently understands. TOM winces and says, "Ooh, any dents?", and the Clyde replies again, this time shaking its head in the negative. TOM then says, "That's why you're a pro, baby."

TOM then walks to D's station and says, "D, sitrep." D responds, "We're in the green. Deck is cued, first break in six minutes." D looks over at Flash, who is cheerily pressing buttons and humming a tune. Then, TOM, with Clyde hovering next to him, says, "We are go in 5, 4, 3, 2...", and points to a screen [cues the screen?]. Arrows play across the screen and transitions to the first show of the lineup.

The outro of the time that aired weekly showed just TOM (he doesn't speak in the outro) getting out of the control room and hopping off the edge much in the same manner as a bungee jumper, reappearing in the distance blasting off into the purple skies and a jungle. After that, the word "LATER" appears and the outro ends.

The End of an EraEdit

On September 20, 2008, after an episode of Samurai Jack, Toonami concluded with the following scene:

Tom looks forward and says to the viewer, "Well, this is the end, beautiful friends."

The camera cuts to D and Flash initiating the station's 'Final Shutdown Sequence,' as Tom-4 says, "After more than 11 years, this is Toonami's final broadcast." D has his final button pressing, and his screen shows the words "Permament Shutdown Sequence" in red text as he turns and rolls away. Flash taps commands into his own console and then turns to leave as his screen displays the word "Shutdown" and a 20.00 second timer.

TOM says, "It's been a lot of fun and we'd like to thank each and every one of you who've made this journey with us," while Flash and D stop and give each other a fist-bump before leaving together, Flash consolingly patting D on the shoulder.

The camera cuts back to TOM, as he continues, "Toonami wouldn't be anything without you."

TOM hops down a low ledge in he control room and continues towards the open ledge where the holographic screens used to be, continuing, "Hopefully, we left you some good memories. So, 'til we meet again, Stay Gold." He then hops off the edge much in the same manner as a bungee jumper, and reappears in the distance blasting off into the sunset. As he moves out of sight, he simply says, "Bang," quoting Cowboy Bebop (an anime not aired on Toonami). Durning the Intruder II Event, TOM 4 Was killed.