TOM 3 was the third Toonami Operation Module, and was introduced in a 2003 online comic, End Game.

A Remodel of a TOMEdit

A group of robots found TOM's head in a 2003 online comic, End Game. TOM wanted them to rebuild his body, and they built him with a nuclear reactor in the middle of his chest shaped like an X, a more-muscular body, and the robots even redesigned his helmet. Then, TOM went back to Orcelot Rex's base to save SARA from Orcelot Rex's clutches. TOM's fighting skills were even better than before when he was TOM 2, and TOM was able to defeat Rex. After a celebration of Rex's defeat, TOM got a new Absolution and a new set of Clydes.

Later, in 2004, when Toonami moved to Saturday nights, TOM was the only one who was redesigned, and the only things that were redesigned SARA, the Clydes, some rooms of the Absolution, and a new lineup. There might be a unknown reason why everything but TOM were changed.

A Change in a LookEdit

On March 17, 2007, TOM was introduced into a different look, as his face is revealed. There is also a new Clyde that also has the same exact face, and it introduced Flash and T, who also had the faces. However, there was no SARA or Absolution, and The Absolution was replaced by a base on a planet, and the base is called The Flowus 3. There might be a reason why TOM had to leave the Absolution and SARA, and how he befriend Flash and T. This new look lead up to Toonami's cancellation.