TOM 1 was the first Toonami Operation Module and the second host after Moltar retired from his post on Toonami.

Enter, TOM 1.

He appears as a short, pudgy robot, and unlike the other TOMs, he is silver and blue. In the fourth part of the T.I.E "The Intruder", TOM attempts to save his ship The Absolution, but the titular intruder kills him. Later, TOM is replaced as host by the updated TOM 2.


For strange reasons (the first Toonami Midnight Run airing), Toonami aired, with big words in space that said INTRODUCTION, and then a big ship was passing through the words, it was really huge and then, it shown a big robotic hallway, with the lights turning on. Then, it shown a door, and then it opened and it was empty, but there was this computer in the middle of the room, and was activated. One of the screens turned on and a HELLO was heard. Then, it shown a left shoulder of a small robot walking through a hallway. Then, another screen turned on and said MAIN COMPUTER ONLINE, then it shown the robot's hand, and the robot went into an elevator, then, one of the screens turned on and said SOUNDTRACK, with numbers counting down starting with 5, and it shown the rest of the robot in the elevator going up, then it shown the top of the elevator. Then, it shown the right of the visor of the robot, and the last screen turned on and shown the robot on it, and another screen turned on. Then, the robot was in front of the door and presses a button and he enters the room, and sat down on a chair and said this:

"So, it's a brand new Toonami? Let the mission objectives remain the same. My name is TOM. I'm the new Motlar. Welcome aboard to the Ghost Planet Spaceship Absolution, Cartoon Network's first and only interstitial broadcast exploration vehicle. I'll give you the tour later. From this day forward, she's completely responsible for all Toonami transmissions. I'm taking you guys into the new millennium. No big changes now; same shows, same attitude. New place to do it, new guy to do it with, I don't wanna waste more time, let's get back to it. Later. " Then, it goes outside the Absolution, then it zooms out, and words that say THE BEGINNING. That means TOM is the new host.


Moltar did speeches, and so did TOM 1. He had speeches about Anger, Courage, Brains vs. Brawns, Individuality, and Experience. TOM said that Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z was a perfect example of anger.

The Death of a HeroEdit

TOM 1 died in The Intruder, Toonami's first ever Total Immersion Event. A intruder invaded the Absolution, and TOM went outside to find it. In part two, The Intruder (a big red blob) attacked TOM and it sent him flying into space. Then, some of The Clyde 50s went to get him, Later, TOM went to find The Intruder, and he found the Intruder as it ate one of the Clydes. TOM used his jet-pack to fly and try not to get eaten. Then, TOM used a final blast with a gun, and it sent him flying to the elevator. It was not enough to defeat The Intruder. Then, the huge blob ate TOM, making it unknown what will happen next. Later, SARA, TOM's computer introduced in this week-long event, made a new version of TOM and that TOM destroyed The Intruder. That was the end of a hero.