Swayzak is a computer virus that infected the Absolution during the Toonami TIE Trapped in Hyperspace. In this series, he first appears in the episode "Brain Chase."


When Swayzak infected the Absolution while it was in hyperspace, he sent the ship on a collision course with Earth. TOM hacked into the Absolution's operating system to help Sara battle Swayzak with an array of weapons, and Swayzak was eventually removed from the system, but as a last stand, he infected TOM to prevent the jump from hyperspace. Sara defeated Swayzak and TOM was disinfected.

Sometime later, Swayzak is still bitter about his defeat, vengefully claiming he'll infect TOM again no matter how long it takes. Conveniently, he sees the Absolution pass by, and immediately plans his strategy: he'll shrink down and infect TOM's brain manually. He is successful, and TOM starts acting mean-spirited towards Sara; upon discovery Swayzak has infected TOM, Sara shrinks down and enters his brain to give chase. Swayzak's moment of pleasure is interrupted by Sara, who demands him to stay away from TOM. Swayzak refuses, and a fight ensues, during which TOM is disinfected. When Swayzak is almost defeated, he escapes to somewhere else inside TOM, prompting Sara to follow him. There, they have their final showdown, where Sara takes her final shot at Swayzak, allowing him to be sent out of the body.


Swayzak is a fiery being wearing an angular helmet that looks like an M. He has glowing yellow eyes and a yellow vented mouth. His torso is pinched in and his thin, hourglass waist tampers down to his hips. He wears a latex suit cut short with a diamond in the middle. He has arched shoulders and thighs and wears knee length boots with matching gloves. His digitigrade legs are thin enough to be almost sticks and his feet look like pieces of metal with cablewires sticking out of them as toes. All in all, he resembles a robotic bug with anorexia problems.


Swayzak is... weird. He's the standard stereotypical villain: he laughs, says cliché lines, acts over the top, etc. In addition, he invades systems simply for fun, amused at the thought of destruction and doing evil. Swayzak is also known for being a jerk, always loud and in your face. He can also be very mocking and sarcastic. His arrogance gets to the point where he believes he will never be stopped and claims he always wins, which isn't true and becomes his downfall. However, despite that, he's actually very resistant and strategic, knowing how and when to properly attack; thus a serious and viable threat.

Interesting to note is that Swayzak is almost turned on by the thought of infecting TOM, getting revenge, etc.

Later on in the series, Swayzak develops a more by the book and serious nature; however, he still retains his over the top and egoistical clichés. His borderline sexual tendencies have been written out.


  • It is unknown who originally voiced Swayzak.
  • His voice in this series was based on the voice he had when he cameo'd in Sara's review of Rez.
    • That cameo is why the main character of Rez is nicknamed "Swayzak."
  • He is sometimes depicted wearing a yellow cape.
  • Swayzak has a New Zealand accent. This is because he had one in the tie-in game to the Trapped in Hyperspace event.
  • Despite his flamboyant mannerisms and arousal toward (the thought of infecting) TOM, it's confirmed Swayzak is not gay. This must be why they were removed in the second season.
  • Swayzak's character in his later appearances are derived from the DC character Martian Manhunter.