Sara is TOM's companion and the deuteragonist of the series. She controls the Absolution.


Sara is initially a blue holographic head on a screen with white or yellow eyes, depending on the episode. When she transfers into her physical body form, she's a blue humanoid figure with a pink tank top and skirt. She also has dark blue hair in this form.


An Artificial Intelligence Matrix, Sara was a model designed by Professor William Gill. Gill was one of the pioneers of a new way of looking at AI - which he called "non linear imaging capacity," an artificial intelligence with the ability to learn not only from cause/effect experiences, but able to learn simultaneous tasks and their relationships to one another within the context of a larger whole. Processing the sum total of this information is something humans can do, but until recently, no "program" could mimic this ability. Gill also created an emotions chip (modifiable) for the Sara AI that allowed for further depth in character. The Sara AI became, for a time, a standard option on many of the large freighter/tanker sized ships. Sara could act as a navigator, pilot, maintenance crew, and even captain for deep space operations. Eventually, Sara was replaced by the now popular Bob AI, also developed by Gill. Yet to this day, the Sara Matrix is considered a highly reliable AI fit for just about anything.

The Absolution, being a large (M)-(L) class starship, came with a Sara Matrix onboard (factory standard.) Sara has been activated on the ship since its beginning. Sometime later, she discovered that running a vessel of the size and complexity of the Absolution was growing increasingly harder to accomplish on her own. As a result, the Sara Matrix activated TOM. Since TOM was new to the world, he was at ends with Sara, and soon Sara had no choice to be on ends with TOM. Eventually, Sara decided she had had enough and told TOM about herself and why he was on the ship, and the two formed a truce. Being an artificially intelligent robot himself, TOM discovered that he actually enjoyed Sara's company - and she enjoyed his. The rest, as they say, is history.

Her data can be backed up whenever she dies so she can be restored with no changes whatsoever.


Sara is a compassionate individual who's devoted to her work of documenting space. She can have a sense of humor sometimes, but she's not as snarky as TOM. She can also be melodramatic, but most of the time she's a down to earth and serious person. She cares deeply about TOM and those she loves and wouldn't want to see them get hurt or in trouble at all. If someone's in trouble, she'll do her best to get them out of it. She has sage advice to offer and sits down TOM to coach him on life or whatnot sometimes. TOM considers Sara his "mother." She also knows a variety of fighting moves, and engages in a girly side enjoying things like Barbie and Spice Girls, which she passed down to TOM unknowingly.


  • Sara's full body form resembles her voice actress Cowboy Sally Timms and Cortana from Halo.
  • Sara possesses computer hacking skills.
  • This version of Sara is a bit different than what has been established from the actual Toonami continuity (i.e. TOM didn't activate her but rather the other way around, she and TOM hating each other at first, etc.)
  • Sara has a sister named Decka.