Moltar was the first ever host of Toonami, and is Space Ghost's villain from the original Space Ghost cartoon,
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Moltar, the first ever host of Toonami.

and Space Ghost Coast to Coast.


The first ever Toonami promo was a strange mix of clips with a school-oriented theme.
There was extreme sports clips, 50's clips, and when they referred to art, clips from Thundercats, Voltron, Birdman, and The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest were seen. The guy that was behind the scenes of the promo was a familiar figure. Moltar, the director of the popular late-night talk show Space Ghost Coast to Coast, was the first host of Toonami, sending transmission straight to your homes courtesy of his eye-in-the-sky, Clyde 49.
On the Ghost Planet, he is a man of the worlds, witnessing numerous universes and finding action just about everywhere. Moltar launched Clyde 49 into space to transmit his findings back to the Ghost Planet control room as well as households around the country. Every now and then, Moltar would dispense his dry wit and observations on the block, appreciating the villains and the heroes of the shows, reviewing video games every now and then, and making fun of heroes like Birdman and Space Ghost. He'd also give sage advice to the viewers, not unlike first year featuring TOM, and on one occasion, Moltar gave a riveting speech about Reruns, why they're so prevalent, and to have patience about the new things to come. Perhaps the powers that that be should air that promo every now and then.
A lot of longtime Toonami fans favor the original host of Toonami over the current host. Afterall, most of them were already familiar with the big guy from his days on Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Not surprisingly, when fans realized that the cult classic's creators were also behind Toonami, the fanbase grew en masse (plus, Moltar's presence on Toonami explained why he wasn't on the gone-but-not-forgotten comedyfest known as Cartoon Planet). Long live Moltar, the baddest man to ever grace the television screens.

TOM 5.0 Era Edit

Moltar would make a final appearance, however brief, during a bumper on September 24, 2016.

SARA tells TOM of a transmission from Moltar, and proceeds to show a small segment of it, with only the words, "Alright, listen up." and "Toonami" being decipherable. She goes on to recite parts of the transmission she could understand as follows:

"Hey, TOM I've been called back to Moltor and I won't be coming back. There's a money oven waiting for me. Just wanted you to know, I always thought I was a better Toonami host than you. Good luck never being able to fill my boots, sucker."

Following the transmission, TOM looks out the window and wishes Moltar the best of future endeavors. Shortly after, viewers are treated to an image of C. Martin Croker with the caption "[1962 - 2016]". This serves as a final goodbye to the actor, who played a heavy hand in many of Adult Swim and Cartoon Network's earliest shows, and provided the voice for Moltar, who had passed away earlier that month.