The Intruder II is a Toonami Total Immersion Event (T.I.E.) that began airing on November 7, 2015 and concluded on December 19, 2015.[1] It is sponsored by the US Food and Drug Administration (under "the Real Cost" campaign against youth cigarette smoking). The Intruder II is a sequel to the first Toonami T.I.E., The Intruder, which originally aired onCartoon Network's Toonami in September of 2000.

  • According to the Toonami Tumblr and the Intruder II teaser, the 7 episode sequel features the same villainous blob that destroyed TOM's original body during the first Intruder T.I.E.

Episode 1 Air Date: November 7, 2015 In the Absolution's control room, TOM 5 and SARA are in the middle of a conversation when SARA suddenly interrupts and Informs TOM that she picked up large unknown ship of Unknown design and is heading right for them. The ships then attacks, and after being damaged by the Absolution, transmits a virus that knocks out many of the Absolution'ssystems. TOM and SARA are intact, but their ship is defenseless.  Episode 2. Air Date: November 14, 2015. SARA detects a craft approaching the Absolution, obviously intending to ram them. After the ship's gravity is restored, TOM grabs a weapon and moves to an elevator. During the journey, he is jarred by the impact tremors of the vessel smashing into the Absolution. SARA reveals that the ship breached the hull near her AI core control center, and TOM moves to confront whatever has come aboard. Episode 3 Air Date: November 21, 2015. Edit

TOM moves through the ship towards SARA's AI core room. SARA identifies the intruder as the same entity that destroyed TOM's original body, but is confused by an irregularity in its DNA. TOM arrives at his destination and comes face-to-face with the Intruder, which has become an enormous amalgamam of blob and TOM 1's body and consciousness, creating an "evil clone." TOM engages the Intruder in battle, only to find that his weaponry is ineffective.

Episode 4 Edit

Air Date: November 28, 2015. TOM's battle with the Intruder results in heavy damage to his left arm, with the Intruder having suffered no serious injury. The Intruder reveals its intention to "make (TOM) suffer," and creates a blob-wall between them while breaking into SARA's control center. TOM hurries back to the elevator, urging SARA to back-up her system core. This fails due to EMP damage, resulting in SARA being caniballized by the Intruder. TOM falls to his knees in the elevator, defeated.

Episode 5 Edit

Air Date: December 5, 2015. Having failed to save SARA, TOM is ridiculed by the Intruder, who boasts about killing TOM 4 and taking control of the Absolution. TOM resolves himself to destroy the Intruder once and for all. TOM then overrides the elevator and makes his way to an airlock. After the Intruder uses TOM's built-in locator to track him, TOM discards his damaged arm, which carries the tracking device. He then ejects himself out into space.

Episode 6 Air Date: December 12, 2015 Edit

TOM succeeds in reaching the Intruder's ship. He finds it has no functioning weapons, but a working escape pod and an active nuclear reactor core. The Intruder deduces that TOM is on his ship and prepares to fire on it with the Absolution'scannons. TOM, however, overloads the nuclear core and launches it towards the Absolution, while he escapes in the escape pod. As it flies away with TOM, the reactor's shockwave hits the Absolution and results in a large explosion, completely obliterating it and the Intruder.

The final moments of the episode cuts in to the escape pod violently shaking, with TOM quickly phasing between un-/semi-consciousness before finally banging his head against the screen.

Episode 7 Air Date: December 19, 2015 Edit

TOM regains consciousness in the escape pod from the Intruder's ship. With the Absolution gone, he scans for anywhere he can go with the pod's computer, hoping for some base that has been decommissioned. The scan brings up Shogo 162, a planet on the boundary of his fuel supply. He charts course immediately.

Upon entering the atmosphere, his fuel supply runs out, making the landing rather rough. He lands near a base set in a rocky desert area and proceeds inside. He searches cautiously until he finds a control room. He then opens the shields in the room, revealing the landscape outside and turns his attention to the console, plugging the data stick he used in the previous episode into a open port. It's revealed that he downloaded the entire Absolution mainframe and begins to upload it into the bases systems, praying for something. Then, in a garbled, glitchy mess, SARA's head appears on the monitor. TOM had hoped that there was enough of her left in the system that, if he uploaded it to a healthy mainframe, she could be restored. And while she didn't know what parts of her were lost forever and what new parts might come from the new system, she could confirm that she was truly back.

Their next order of business is to get TOM a new left arm, which SARA does by utilizing a molecular printer in the next room. TOM comments on how it's not perfect (in fact, it doesn't completely match his other arm), but it'll do until perfect comes. And now, the way they see it, it'll be some time before they can get their hands on another ship as good as theAbsolution. And thus, TOM and SARA settle in for a new era of Toonami broadcasts from their new base of operations.